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Fitness and recreation center offering exercise classes in Tampa, FL

  • Meet trainer, review regiment, warm up.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Increase metabolic burn.
  • Increase heart rate to standard for workout.

  • Core Circuits - ABS
  • Strength Circuits -Weight Training w/ Body
  • Conditioning Circuits - Speed, Agility, Plyo, Endurance, and Conditioning

We tackle all phases of the body during workouts to give you a full body of work. This is where results are magnified!

  • End workout with a strong push - Set a new bar standard for your next day of work.
  • Cool down walk/run. Redistribute blood flow and oxygen back to the body.
  • Stretch, relax, and go. Injury prevention and flexibility - stretching provides stability and durability for the body.

raise the bar with our exercise classes in Tampa
The Bar Performance Training Bootcamp

When you’re ready to get serious about fitness, the trainers at our fitness center in Tampa are here to take you seriously. Our exercise classes aren’t about standing on a machine and waiting for transformation to happen. Dedicated trainers push you to actively engage with your mind and body to achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase muscle, or improve stamina, we’ll help you develop a workout plan centered on building strength through weight training and floor work.

But we believe in more than just grinding through workouts every week. When you train at The Bar, you’re part of our Bar Fit Fam, a group of like-minded people working with motivating trainers who are as devoted to your fitness goals as you are.

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Our bootcamp class is offered at the following times:

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Whatever your fitness goals––we can help you achieve them.